Dr Toni Bark; MD and Helen Gracie, CEO of Scenar Health, have volunteered on a medical mission in Haiti during April 2010.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Pentionville Country Club

We have had an extremely busy few days. After our morning at Bobs, we were again being sent out on " strike " team clinics. This means we all pile into the transport and go out into a camp where they may have had a doctor recently or they may not. In these clinics Toni has been doing outreach community medicine for STD, yeast infections and general family issues. Scabies and fungal infections are also a huge problem. We see many people with full body pain since the earthquake and these patients Toni refers over to me to give them a general reflex biofeedback treatment. The results have been 100% successful within a 10 - 15 minute treatment using simple protocols.

The day before yesterday was our busiest so far because we were assigned to the ER at Pentionville Country Club run by the JPHRO organization......
(change to the voice of Toni)
I walked into an actual emergency room setting with several beds and medications sites, as well as a larger pharmacy. There were highly competent PA's and nurse practitioners running the place. There was no physician overseeing patients that day, so my presence was extremely welcome. It was doubly welcomed when I arrived with my own crew and a few thousand condoms to pass out.

During the course of the day, I diagnosed cardiac angina, tuberculosis, sexual abuse, and six cases of carbon monoxide poisoning as five family members were brought in all unconscious. There was a delivery of a healthy baby and I had to run an a toddler down by "ambulance" to the University of Miami hospital for suspected aspiration.

There were several cases in between, infections, heat collapse etc.

The most remarkable issue was the family that suffered carbon monoxide poisoning as a nurse ran and reported to me while I was sitting in the mess hall, that all family members suffered from seizures and were unconscious or delirious but had decent oxygen levels on simple pulse oximetry machines.

Upon hearing that the family had been cooking and realizing we were having a torrential down pour, I assessed all as having carbon monoxide poisoning, they all came to with oxygen masks.

We eventually found a ride back to our camp around 9 pm, after working an 11 hour day and exhausted.

Another day awaits...

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  1. We are all fascinated with your posts. Can't wait to see you and hear your stories. Thanks for your good works.



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