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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Long Can Heaven Last ?

My 13 year old son, Ayal recently had his bar-mitzvah.

Part of this ceremony and event is doing charitable work, and a part is speaking about the Torah and Haf Torah portions that the child chants from the Torah.

My son told a story that went like this:

There once was a pious man who died. As he faced entering heaven, he asked G-D if he could first see hell so he could compare it to heaven.

G-D complied.

The man entered hell with an angel, he saw a beautiful and grand dining table with hundreds of people sitting around it, on top of which was glorious food of all kinds and luscious wines.

The man was amazed and commented to the angel that this looked like his idea of heaven.

The angel instructed the man to look closely at the people.

As the man looked closely at the people, he noticed that everyone was missing their arms, and in their places were long forks and spoons.

He also noticed that no one could feed themselves, as the forks and spoons did not bend and everyone was wasting away from starvation.

The man told the angel he had seen enough and was ready to go into heaven.

As the man was brought into heaven, he saw hundreds of people sitting around a beautiful and grand dining table with glorious foods and luscious wines on top of it.

As he looked closely, he noticed they too also were missing their arms and had forks and spoons in their places.

But here, everyone was feeding the person sitting across or next to them, no one was starving and everyone looked happy.

At the moment, Haiti is this heaven.

From the Haitians working without pay, to the construction workers, nurses, doctors educators and consultants who fly in from their clean homes in the first world, to volunteer their time, Haiti is heaven.

How long can heaven last?

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