Dr Toni Bark; MD and Helen Gracie, CEO of Scenar Health, have volunteered on a medical mission in Haiti during April 2010.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The First Days

As I mentioned in my first entry, I flew in to Haiti first class as that was the only available seating if I wanted to use my miles.

I sat next to a public planner doing volunteer work who was on her way to meet with Clinton and the Prime Minister of Haiti across the aisle was the CNN reporter Gary Tuchman who covered the earthquake from the very onset of the disaster.

I was offered wine and champaign on the flights, but felt I would need my wits once I got onto Haitian soil, and that the Ananda Marga monks of the NGO I was going to, would be none too pleased to have the smell of alcohol on my breath (the monks take vows of chastity, and refrain from alcohol, meat of any kind, eggs, onions or garlic).

I had been assured that someone would be at the airport waiting for me upon my arrival, WRONG, not only was there no driver, dada,didi or whatever,, I had my cart accosted by several porters who swiftly moved my bags out of the gates of the safe airport arrival area. Each of whom wanted a tip in order to give my bags back to me. I had to move my cart with my few hundred pounds of donated goods, camping gear and personal belongings back into the airport arrival area

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