Dr Toni Bark; MD and Helen Gracie, CEO of Scenar Health, have volunteered on a medical mission in Haiti during April 2010.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Internet cafe without coffee or internet

The access to internet on our compound has been limited at best, non existent often.

Helen and I have been frustrated that we could not work on our blog and check our emails. To make up for our frustration, we we've reciting lines from our favorite Australian television show; Kath and Kim.

As I complained about the internet issue along with waiting yet again to get out to our clinic for the day, I was told there was an internet cafe just next door to our compound called Bob's internet cafe.

Helen and I were ecstatic with our anticipation of sipping skinny lattes and chinos while writing in an air conditioned cafe.

We couldn't believe that there was an internet cafe in the midst of the rubble and mayhem we were living around.

We approached the cafe to find it a small front hallway of a house, crammed with six stations, filled with old computers.

Where was the barrista? where was the cappucino machine? where was the air conditioning?

We realized the word "cafe" was used very loosely.

Just as I managed to get my mac hooked up, the internet went down. I notified Bob.

He pointed to a woman sitting on a cement block who was talking on a portable phone.

He explained that there is no internet when someone rents phone time.

I payed Bob quadruple the asking price of 60 cents per half hour in order to not rent the phone until Helen and I finished our work.

Bob gladly agreed.

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  1. Appreciating the humour in what must be an incredibly frustrating environment:-D Well resolved!


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